What is Psychological Stress?

What is Psychological Stress?

Generally, there are two sorts of stress psychological stress and bodily stress. It is one type of emotional and physiological reactions which is skilled by means of a man or woman faces a scenario that needs to go beyond their coping resources.

The Symptom of psychological stress

There have a few symptoms of psychological stress and they are:

  • Anger or moodiness.
  • Overwhelmed feeling
  • Irritability
  • Isolation or loneliness.

Example of psychological stress

There have also a few examples of psychological stress which are very important to know for us. The examples are – marital problems, the sudden death of a loved one, abuse, health problem, and financial crisis.

The Psychological effect of stress

The effects of psychological stress on a person are not good. Continues psychological stress can be increased the problem of heart as well as elevated levels of stress hormones with blood pressure and also can take a toll on the body. If it continues for a lengthy period, it will increase the chance of hypertension, coronary heart assault or stroke.

Psychological stress is the storehouse of all types of physical and mental disease that can be a treat for a life.

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