Can we do sex during pregnancy

Can we do sex during pregnancy

Pregnant women think that they can’t do sex during pregnancy. They think it is very harmful to their baby and it is not true. Generally, Sex is a normal part of our life.

Can we do sex life during pregnancy?  Yes, you can do a full and satisfying sex life with your partner if you don’t have any serious medical problem instead of a silly disease. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of your womb protect your baby. The thick mucus plug helps to secure your baby from infection.

Your baby won’t be harmed if you and your partner can have a sex life. Sometimes you can find that your baby moves around a little bit but it is nothing to worry about. In most of the pregnancy, sex is safe for all nine months. Some women worry for miscarriage especially early in the pregnancy.

Sometimes your partner becomes worried and doesn’t want to hurt you and your baby. He feels uncomfortable often. So, you should talk freely with your partner and tell him about your feeling so that he can feel comfortable during sex life.

However, in some situation, you might be careful about sex and go you consult for advice and checkup if you feel any trouble.


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