Foods that destroy health

Foods that destroy health

We all know that candy and junk food is not good for our health. But some good food also can destroy our health. Healthy food is good food for a healthy life. If you eat them the unlimited amount, it will increase our weight.

Overeating is the main cause of your weight gain. Plus, a large amount of food can definitely harmful for your health. In this article, we recommend some good food that will destroy your health for a few reasons. They are:

  1. Coconut oil: Coconut oil contains saturated fat that can gain your weight.
  2. Yogurt: Though we count it as a healthy snack, most types of yogurt loaded with artificial sweeteners or fructose. Fructose goes straight to your liver and it makes fat there that can destroy your health gradually.
  3. Dried fruits: Dried food is good for health but it contains sugar without water and little protein or fat. So, too much eating it is not a good idea for your health.
  4. Wraps: Wrap sandwiches contain about 350 calories. Plus, two shares of whole grain brass are 100 calories each with the bonus of more fiber.
  5. Salad: You can prepare your favorite salad use extra virgin olive oil and you should skip the dressing.


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