Makeup effects on skin

Makeup effects on skin

Makeup is a regular item for many people especially who are going to workplace and teenager.  Is it a good idea for our skin? The answer isn’t clear till now. But it is true that too much touch your skin, as well as too much make up increase the risk of side effect on the skin.

Today, we have shown you a few side effects of over makeup on your skin.

  • Headache: Some chemicals like DMDM Hydantoin are a common ingredient used in many cosmetic which is the main cause of a bad headache.
  • Hair problems: Hair gels, hair serum, shampoo, conditioners and also hairspray are the hair products which contain several harmful chemicals. These chemicals are the reason of hair fall, dandruff, scalp redness, and even thinning of hair.
  • Acne: Acne is the most common skin problem especially to women. We forget that skin is a structure like others organ of our body and it needs to breathe. But most of the time we cover it with high makeup which can create several types of skin problem such as acne.
  • Skin allergic: Paraben is a chemical that is used to preserve the cosmetic and it can cause various allergic reactions.
  • Eye infection: Eye is a sensitive area. A high layer of eye makeup always a bad idea for an eye. It can infect your eyes.


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