Reason of hypertension

Reason of hypertension

The medical name for high blood pressure is hypertension that is a chronic disease. It can lead a lot of complication as well increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The exact cause of hypertension is not clear till now. But several risk factors raise the balances of taking hypertension. They are:

  • Age: Over 60 years aged people face the problem of hypertension because the blood pressure of them can be increased with their age.
  • Ethnicity: Few ethnic groups are more horizontal to hypertension.
  • Weight: overweight is the risk key factor of high blood pressure.
  • Alcohol use: Regularly alcohol use or smoking tobacco can increase the blood pressure.
  • Sex: Though the lifetime risk is the same for both male and female, at the younger age men are more prone to hypertension.
  • Health condition: diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and high cholesterol levels can lead to hypertension when people get older.
  • Diabetes: diabetes can raise the risk of hypertension.

Your blood pressure can be influenced by other contributing factors include:

  • Family history.
  • Eating pattern.
  • Amount of Physical activity.
  • A few medicines sometimes can also increase blood pressure.
  • Low potassium in the diet.
  • Poorly managed your stress.

The drug is more likely to cause chronic hypertension.


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