Why Hairs fall? Reasons

Why Hairs fall? Reasons

Hair fall is the most common problem in the whole. It is true that men are most likely lost their hair than women. But thinking hair fall is very common in women than men.

There has much reason for hair fall and hair loss. Most of the common causes are:

  • Physical stress like disturbance surgery, a car accident, or a severe sickness even the flu may the reason for temporary hair fall.
  • Pregnancy is one kind of physical stress that is also responsible for hair fall.
  • Too much vitamin-A containing is the cause of hair loss.
  • Lacking protein is not only the cause of hair fall but also the cause of hair growth.
  • Hormone changes of women at the time of pregnancy can cause hair loss.
  • Emotional stress is likely less cause than corporal stress.
  • Anemia is an easily fixable reason for hair fall.
  • Sudden weight loss is also responsible for thinning hair.
  • Chemotherapy used to beat back cancer that can also reason your hair loss.
  • Over styling or overtreatment in a year can be the cause of your hair loss.

Hope that the following reason of hair fall helps you to conscious to your hair.


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