New born Baby care and tips

New born Baby care and tips

Have you overcome your pregnancy, labor, and birth? If your answer is “Yes”, this article is for you. Now it is time to back home with your newborn baby and lead a new life with the new experience. I know you are worried now a plus thinking how to take care of your little baby as have no before experience about it.

Here, we just give a few tips for new mothers like you:

  • Wash your hand before taking or handling your baby.
  • Give support your baby into the head and back.
  • You should finish your important cores when your baby remains sleep.
  • Try to do five soothing moves like wrapping, shushing, holding her on her side, swinging or charter her suck.
  • At 3 weeks make a list of feeding time and prepare the food before food time of your baby.
  • Keep your baby awake at the time of feeding.
  • Help your baby to spend a few times lonely with daddy.
  • Keep a warm blanket side your baby which helps your baby to go to sleep shortly.

Finally, we think that the following tips will be intelligent to help you to take care of your little baby.

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